I am a product of this postmodern, globalised world. I was born in Brooklyn in the USA in 1982 to a Slavic mother and Hispanic father. At the time I weighed 4.3 kilos (9 lbs 7 oz) and was supposed to be born by Cesarean section. But the surgeon showed up late for work that day and the contractions had already started, so they sliced my mother’s perineum with a knife so I could come out. The birth was traumatic and very painful, much like the world that awaited me. Mi mother didn’t have any more children, which she later regretted when I turned out so weird and “sissyish”. I’ve always felt guilty for the birth. One day, I must have been about eight years old, I even apologised for the birth, which she found hilarious.

These days I live in Madrid. I’ve also lived, in various moments of my life, in a small town in Ohio, in Granada and in Barcelona. I always end up coming back to Madrid. I have no emotional links with any country, nor roots, nor do I feel I owe loyalty to any ethnicity or nationality; I do feel Western, but not from any particular country. I was raised in the West, have matured here, worked here, related to people here and spent my whole life here. It’s what I know best and it’s my home, for better or worse. The only two languages I speak fluenty (Spanish and English) are Western languages par excellence. I do feel more involved in Spain than anywhere else since I live and work  here.

Politically I’ve had strong sympathy for the feminist movement since I was about 18. I also consider myself a communist and anti-violence. I’m bisexual and polyamorous. Sé parlar una miqueta de català et un petit peu de français. I’m better at Catalan than at French, though.

The political and philosophical figures most influential to me are Andrea Dworkin, Emma Goldman and Karl Marx.

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